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BCL of Texas offers in-person classes and workshops at our Entrepreneurship Centers in the Dallas & Austin areas that help business owners network with other entrepreneurs and learn from key industry experts.

Show Me the Money!

BCL of Texas is excited to offer our “Show me the Money” seminar from our Small Business Financial Readiness series. Whether you are looking for startup, working capital or expansion funding, join our in-depth discussion about the advantages & disadvantages of small business funding options.

Our Entrepreneurship Specialist will help you understand how to get funding and where to get it.

Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs in search of funding capital
  • Small business owners who have been in business 0-24 months
  • If you’re an existing business of 2+ years
  • Individuals seeking to learn more about business funding

Topics that will be covered in this segment:

  • Debt financing vs. equity financing
  • Demystifying business financials
  • Managing cash flow budgets
  • Red flags for lenders
  • Other types of funding
Face Your Fears

BCL of Texas is excited to offer a seminar called “Face Your Fears to Achieve Growth” from our Small Business Financial Readiness series.

We understand small business financial statements can be a tedious and sometimes difficult task. But, taking time to think through and maintain a detailed financial plan will help with the long-term success of your business venture.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone in the idea stage of starting a business
  • Individuals who need technical assistance writing a business plan
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners needing to revise current business plan
  • Any college students interested or taking business courses

Topics that will be covered in this segment:

  • Source and use of funds
  • Demystifying business financials
  • Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow
  • Financial analysis activities
Your Complete QuickBooks – LIVE Training

BCL of Texas has an exciting new partner with Hatch & Associates, Inc. to provide “Your Complete QuickBooks – LIVE Training” seminar from our Small Business Growth series.

This class to meant to take you a step above the basics. It is great for those in who will need to do job costing such as contractors and those who submit plenty of estimates. QuickBooks also makes reporting and paying sales tax very simple and paying the process of paying employees painless.

At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Create budgets
  • Create estimates
  • Turn estimates into invoices
  • Create sales orders
  • Record billable expenses and get reimbursed
  • Record and pay sales tax
  • Track time in QuickBooks
  • Set up payroll and pay employees
  • Year-end close procedures

Our QuickBooks Extraordinaire will help you understand QuickBooks at the next level!

Where to Find Us
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