Texas Homeowner Assistance

Texas Homeowner Assistance program helps Texas homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgages. As a select partner, BCL of Texas is proud to offer FREE and confidential assistance to assist Eligible Homeowners with improving their financial sustainability by providing HUD-approved counseling to increase the likelihood that your default will be cured, and you will be able to retain ownership.

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Housing Counseling

If you’re experiencing a hard time with your mortgage, you might be wondering where to start and how to get help. BCL has certified housing counselors that are able to help you analyze the problem and identify your options. If possible, we’ll help you negotiate a plan with your lender that will result in bringing and keeping your mortgage current. If that’s not possible, we’ll help you figure out what to do next. The most important thing is to reach out for help as soon as possible.

Homeownership specialists will help you receive personalized advice and the support needed to achieve housing security and financial stability. Providing participants with the resources for housing counseling and financial literacy for a direct, positive impact on your homeownership journey.

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BCL’s team of counselors has been able to work with families throughout Texas so you don’t have to be near an office to receive assistance. You can call or email us to schedule an appointment time to come in, we also offer virtual and telephone assistance for those unable to stop by our office.

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Questions? Email us at txhaf@bcloftexas.org
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This project is being supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number HAF0033 awarded to The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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