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Entrepreneurship classes starting again in January 2019!

BCL of Texas offers in-person classes and workshops at locations across the Austin metropolitan area to help business owners network with other entrepreneurs and learn from key industry experts.

BCL of Texas Small Business Class Series

Our Entrepreneurship Specialists offer 4 classes on a rotating schedule throughout the year:

Finding Hidden Markets

BCL of Texas is excited to offer our Finding Hidden Markets for Business Growth seminar from our Small Business Strategies for Growth series.The one thing all businesses need is NEW CUSTOMERS. Learn how to diversify and increase your revenue!

Topics covered in this segment:

  • Differentiation of product and service
  • Market Segmentation
  • Finding untapped & underserved markets
  • Marketing Campaigns

Face Your Fears: Small Business Financials to Achieve Growth

Conquer the numbers. Grow your business.

Did you know? Most small business failures are due to lack of solid financial knowledge. Don’t let a lack of financial knowledge keep you from strong business growth! Join BCL of Texas for a free seminar to face your fears, conquer your financials, and grow your business.

Topics covered in this segment:

  • Income statements and balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Revenue and expense analysis

Show Me the Money!

Whether you are looking for startup, working capital, or expansion funding, BCL of Texas will set you on the right track and connect you to the resources you need with our Show Me the Money seminar!

Topics that will be covered in this segment:

  • Debt financing vs. equity financing
  • Demystifying business financials
  • Managing cash flow budgets
  • Red flags for lenders

Small Business Operations

BCL of Texas is excited to offer our Small Business Operations seminar from our Small Business Strategies for Growth series.

To build the successful growth business of the future, you must have solid operational capacity! If you want to know How to improve efficiency to maximize profit, this is the class for you!

During this session you will learn key improvements that will:

  • Improve your internal processes to produce a quality product/service and reduce costs
  • Identify effective methods for customer service
  • Identify effective marketing solutions to reach and attract the right markets

Where to Find Us
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