Mortgage Relief

Are you a Lewisville homeowner who has been financially impacted by COVID-19?

Whether or not you are currently behind on your mortgage payments, you could qualify for up to six months of mortgage assistance through a partnership between the City of Lewisville and nonprofit organization BCL of Texas.

BCL of Texas staff is able to help you submit your application, with either phone or in-person assistance!

Lewisville Mortgage Relief Program

Mortgage relief for homeowners in Lewisville, TX, is here.

In partnership with the City of Lewisville, BCL of Texas is offering the Lewisville Mortgage Relief Program to assist with up to six months of mortgage payments for homeowners who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. You do not need to be currently behind in your mortgage to qualify for this program!

The Lewisville Mortgage Relief program combines direct financial assistance with personal financial counseling to help homeowners stay in their homes and regain financial stability. You could qualify to have up to six months of your mortgage payments covered, in addition to receiving no-cost sessions with our HUD-certified coaches.

Our staff is here to help you submit your application, including finding and uploading documents, technical assistance, and walking you through the process! Call us now at 214-688-7456 for application help.


This program is designed to assist low-to-moderate income households that have been impacted by COVID-19. Homes must be a primary residence located within the City of Lewisville or Castle Hills boundaries.

How to Apply

Applications are now open. Before starting your application, you can review our application checklist and begin to gather the required documents. When you are ready to begin your application, click here to visit our application portal. Note: in the field where you are asked for “business name”, please instead enter your zip code so we can verify your geographic eligibility for the program.

If you have questions or would like assistance with your application, please reach out to us at 214-688-7456 or homeassist@bcloftexas.org. We’re here to help you at every step, including in-person or phone sessions!

The Lewisville Mortgage Relief program can help pay mortgage payments for eligible homeowners while funds are available. Mortgage and income limit restrictions apply.

El Programa de Alivio Hipotecario de Lewisville

El Programa de Alivio Hipotecario de Lewisville ha llegado.

La ciudad de Lewisville, en asociación con BCL of Texas, está ofreciendo el Programa de Alivio Hipotecario de Lewisville para proveer fondos a individuos y familias de Lewisville a quienes se les hace difícil pagar sus préstamos hipotecarios debido a COVID-19. Este programa combina asistencia financiera directa junto a coaching financiero individual para ayudar a todos los dueños/as de viviendas a permanecer en sus hogares y recuperar la estabilidad financiera.


Este programa está diseñado para ayudar a los hogares de ingresos bajos a moderados que se han visto afectados por COVID-19. Las casas deben ser la residencia principal y estar ubicada dentro de los límites de la ciudad de Lewisville o Castle Hills.

Para aplicar:

Las aplicaciones están abiertas ahora mismo. Cuando está listo para empezar su aplicación, haga clic aquí para visitar nuestro portal de aplicaciones. Si tiene preguntas, usted puede contactarnos al 214-688-7456 o enviarnos un email a homeassist@bcloftexas.org.

El Programa de Alivio Hipotecario de Lewisville puede ayudar a propietarios calificados pagar su hipoteca mientras haya fondos disponibles. Se aplican restricciones de límite de ingresos e hipotecas.

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