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We are currently in the decision phase of the Travis County TCTX Thrive program. Applications for this program are closed. Businesses that have already completed the pre-eligibility and full application, due July 31st, will be notified of their award status soon.


Applications and Decisions

I’ve submitted my full application. When will I find out if I will receive a grant award?

The initial application review was completed by BCL of Texas on August 4th. Following this step, Travis County staff reviewed all applicants that were determined ineligible, completed appeals reviews, and will be finalizing through their review committee final recommendations. A high number of appeals from businesses have needed to be resolved before the final award recommendations could be made by Travis County. The appeals process is time intensive and extended longer than anticipated, but is nearly complete.

The final step is that the Travis County Commissioners Court must review and approve Travis County’s recommendations. The date for approval by Commissioners Court is anticipated on September 8th, but may change, if needed for some not yet known reason. After Commissioners Court action, businesses will be notified of award the next business day (anticipated September 9th).

Please be aware the program is oversubscribed, meaning Travis County has more applicants than funding. Please note that BCL of Texas is the administrator of the TCTX Thrive program and has been working directly with applicants, and will work directly with award recipients. Travis County is the funder and ultimate decision maker for the program.

How will I be notified of my application decision?

We will contact you using the email address you provided in the “Summary” tab of your application. You may also check your application status on Zoom Grants.

Now that I have submitted my full application, does that mean I am guaranteed a grant through TCTX Thrive?

Funds for this program are limited to 225 grantees. If TCTX Thrive receives more than 225 qualifying applications, our review committee, appointed by Travis County, will make final award decisions based on Travis County program guidelines.

How can I make sure my application was received in full and on time?

You’re welcome to contact our TCTX Thrive team at 512-994-2280 or to check on your application submission. You can also log in to the Zoom Grants portal to confirm your application submission.

What can I do if I missed the application deadline?

All applications were due by July 31st for this program, following a 2 week application window and a 4 week pre-eligibility process. We are not accepting new businesses into the TCTX Thrive program at this time.

Awards and Funds

What are my next steps if I’m granted an award?

  1. If granted an award, you will receive notification of your acceptance via the email you provided on the “Summary” tab of your application.
  2. Once notification has been sent, you will have 5 days to accept the award and sign the grant agreement.
  3. You will then be provided instructions for invoicing for reimbursements.
  4. In anticipation of receiving the funds, you may begin to gather receipts, invoices, and documentation for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

What expenses are eligible?

  • Rent, lease or mortgage payment for real property used for business purposes, like storefront or warehouse
  • Rent, lease or purchase payment for business property (e.g., delivery vehicle; food truck; kitchen equipment; technology, payment, and communications systems and equipment)
  • New or expanded technology applications and WiFi services
  • Utility payments for business properties
  • Supplier and Vendor payments
  • PPE, sanitation supplies and equipment, testing for employees
  • Eligible Taxes and Fees (specifics to be identified in the invoicing materials)
  • Payroll expenses

What expenses are not eligible?

  • Lobbying for any purpose
  • Repayment of loans or debt unrelated to needs created by COVID-19 disaster and Eligible Uses of Grant Proceeds
  • Payment of partial mortgage/utility costs based on IRS rules for home-based businesses
  • Certain taxes and fees including those that are considered revenue for federal, state or local government
  • Any other costs that are determined ineligible through continued release of federal guidance, since the guidance on this funding is updated frequently

If awarded the TCTX Thrive grant, how much funding will I receive?

Each grantee will receive approval for expenses of up to $40,000. Grantees may request reimbursement for all expenses incurred from March 1, 2020, to November 30, 2020. Businesses that are awarded the TCTX Thrive grant will submit invoices for reimbursement on a monthly basis.

If selected as a grantee, how will I access the funds?

If selected as a grantee, you’ll be provided with instructions on invoicing for the grant.