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BCL of Texas offers both in-person and online comprehensive education, including the NeighborWorks “Realizing the American Dream” home buyer education course and our new Money Move$ series that combines personal coaching with financial education classes.

We offer our nationally approved curriculum in both English and Spanish. In this course, you’ll learn how to save for a down payment, work with a lender, shop for a home using a real estate agent, manage purchase contracts, prepare for closing, and more. Upon completion, a brief session with one of our HomeOwnership Specialists will answer your specific questions and set you on the path to purchasing your home.

Online Classes

Our online homebuyer education courses are convenient and self-paced, allowing you to complete the course on your own schedule from any location.

Online course features:

  • Interactive learning from the comfort of your home
  • Can be completed in multiple sessions; available 24/7/365
  • Approximately 6-8 hours total
  • Offered in English and in Spanish

También tenemos clases en español.

In-Person Classes

If you’re looking for that personal connection, we offer in-person classes in a group classroom setting once per month at each of our locations.

In-person classes are offered exclusively at our Dallas and Austin offices.

  • Austin classes: 2212 S. Congress Ave
  • Dallas classes: 1322 Record Crossing Rd
  • Classes are scheduled on select Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Bring your questions about the home buying process for our HomeOwnership Specialist
  • Learn from others in a small group environment

Classes offered in English in and Spanish!

New: Money Moves Financial Series!

With our new Money Move$ class, your personal financial coach will help you go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Whether your financial goal is to pay down debts, improve credit, or save for a home or retirement, our 4-part series will help you gain awareness of your financial behaviors and habits to make the most of your paycheck each month.

The Money Move$ series includes:

  • 4 deep dive classes
  • Personal financial coach
  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Customized Financial Power Plan

Classes offered in Dallas and Austin starting in 2019.

What is Homebuyer Education all about?

Homebuyer Education is a service offered by BCL of Texas. The program is designed to assist first-time buyers in purchasing their homes. Training sessions cover the basics of buying a home from pre-qualification for a loan to the actual loan closing. In addition, participants have a one-on-one session with a homeownership specialist and access to other financial planning information.

Who sponsors this program?

This program is offered by BCL of Texas, a non-profit organization, and sponsored by some of the area’s largest and most respected lending institutions (banks and mortgage companies) as well as NeighborWorks America.

Who can participate in BCL's Homebuyer Education Program?

Program participants come from all walks of life. The program does not have an income limit.

Where can I take Homebuyer Education?

The class is currently offered for a small fee to Dallas and Austin area residents at the BCL of Texas NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Centers — at 1322 Record Crossing, Dallas, TX 75235 and 2212 S. Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704.

For these and all other areas, we also offer an online course at a small fee, which includes one-on-one counseling over the phone with a HomeOwnership Specialist. Visit for information on the online course, or call (877) 688-7457 for more details.

How do I register for a BCL Homebuyer Education class?

You can register for our online program by clicking here, or visiting our Training Center to find the next upcoming in-person class. You can also call us to register at (877) 688-7457.

What if my family has credit challenges?

Many prospective buyers avoid this issue only to have the lender reject the loan. Mortgage lenders loan money with considerable risk, therefore they want to know that the buyer will repay the loan as agreed. They want to know how the homebuyer has paid creditors in the past. A BCL of Texas HomeOwnership Specialist will walk you through the credit report and show you what lenders look for, as well as how they address each issue.

This is powerful information and will place you ahead of other buyers as you apply for your mortgage. Mortgage delays can cause the seller to move on to other qualified buyers and frustrate the home search for the unprepared buyer.

What happens after completion of the Homebuyer Education program?

An BCL of Texas HomeOwnership Specialist will assist you with shopping for a mortgage loan product and Realtor.

What does it cost to buy a home? How do I start budgeting?

First-time homebuyers often overlook this question and underestimate the value of savings and maintaining a low level of debt. Planning your spending is the cornerstone of success in the homebuying process. The process is more expensive than most people think. Homebuyers are often surprised by the variety of costs associated with purchasing a home.

Many first-time buyers are broke after the loan closing and desperately await the next paycheck to handle normal responsibilities. BCL’s training curriculum places a strong emphasis on savings. BCL’s Homebuyer Education program will help make you an informed buyer and assist you with savings strategies.

Are there subsidies and grants to help with all of this?

BCL’s HomeOwnership Specialists will help you identify where to find government grants and subsidies relating to special first-time buyer programs.

Why is BCL involved in Homebuyer Education?

BCL’s Homebuyer Education helps improve the opportunities and incidence of homeownership in Texas. BCL of Texas is committed to helping enhance the stability of neighborhoods by creating wealth through homeownership. The program also offers lenders the opportunity to contribute to community improvement by investing money in neighborhoods that were previously avoided.

Where to Find Us
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