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Buying a home is a big milestone in life, especially if it’s your first time. That’s why BCL of Texas offers no-cost 1 on 1 pre-purchase and post-purchase homeownership counseling. Whether you just purchased your home, are ready to buy, or want to work on your personal money management, our expert HomeOwnership Specialists will help you with budgeting, credit building, savings, and more.

Save for Our Own: Financial Capability Coaching

BCL of Texas, working in partnership with NeighborWorks® America, has developed a “Financial Fitness” program to help individuals and families develop sound money management skills. Financial education is a critical need both for consumers and for communities. For consumers, financial education is the key to building wealth — regardless of their incomes. For communities, financial education programs can help promote stronger and more stable neighborhoods—where residents are more resistant to downturns in the economy and other financial threats. Financial education can help families become more aware of common pitfalls and thus avoid them. It can also help them to learn the financial management and planning skills needed to make the most of their income, savings and assets. “Save for Our Own” is offered through one-on-one counseling.

Plan for Our Own: Pre-Purchase Coaching

Ready to purchase your first home or still thinking about it? Our expert HomeOwner Specialists will prepare you for buying a home by coaching you in the following areas:

  • Mortgage Pre-qualification
  • Shopping for a Home
  • Purchase Contract
  • Budgeting, Saving, and Credit Scores
  • Loan Closing and Settlement Costs
  • Getting a Mortgage Loan
  • Maintaining your Home
  • Energy and Water Conservation Tips, and more
Care for Our Own: Post-Purchase Coaching

Post-Purchase education and counseling is a vital part of the homebuyer education process because it supports successful long-term homeownership. With this in mind, the program is designed around financial management, for example to help homeowners build savings and be more prepared for dealing with unforeseen events, such as the loss of a job, divorce, or illness. The program also teaches homeowners how to manage their home as an asset and use their equity responsibly while learning how to maintain their properties to promote safety and prevent future costly repairs is also important. Finally, leadership development is a major part of the program, encouraging new homeowners to get more involved in their communities.

Maintain on Our Own: Home Retention Coaching

Are you afraid you may lose your home? BCL has certified housing counselors that are able to work with you and your lender to try to keep you from losing your home. Our counselors will help you analyze the problem and identify your options. If possible, we’ll help you negotiate a plan with your lender that will result in bringing and keeping your mortgage current. If that’s not possible, we’ll help you figure out what to do next.

While BCL of Texas does not provide financial assistance, our counselors can help:

  • Assess your financial situation and provide realistic solutions and objective guidance
  • Intervene on your behalf with your mortgage lender to develop a workout plan, if appropriate
  • Help you find community services that can help you with food, energy assistance and other needs
  • Assist you in developing a realistic budget to move you and your family through the financial crisis

BCL’s team of counselors have been able to work with families throughout Texas so you don’t have to be near an office to receive assistance. You can call or email us to schedule an appointment time to come in, or you can call us to recieve counseling over the phone.

Phone Counseling: Call one of our offices and request to speak to a HomeOwnership Specialist. BCL of Texas has homeownership counselors available to assist you and discuss your personal situation.

One-on-One Sessions: This 1-2 hour meeting with one of our highly skilled Foreclosure Prevention Counselors will begin the process to evaluate if your particular situation is negotiable with your lender. Counseling sessions are offered in either English or Spanish at our offices. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins, so please call your nearest location for an appointment.

Where to Find Us
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