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BCL Helps to Set City of Austin Economic Development Policy
BCL Helps to Set City of Austin Economic Development Policy
Sep 14, 2017 • Brian K. Marshall

BCL spent a full and productive day with community leaders discussing the future of Austin’s economic development policy this month. We expect to have some great information for our clients coming soon. And BCL of Texas Director of Entrepreneurship Brian K. Marshall was honored to participate in these key stakeholder discussions!

The forum brings together the leaders of the Austin community that play a role in the development of an equitable, socially beneficial and value-driven economic development policy. This roundtable will play an important part in revising the City’s current incentive policy and related programs.

The agenda included “Speed Briefings” on some major topics that directly affect the development of a new incentive policy in Austin, including Austin demographics, Spirit of East Austin, Opportunity Austin, Workforce Study and place-making. This subject matter will help to round out what types of tools will help address the gaps in the community.

The feedback received in this forum will also be rolled into a comprehensive analysis to include a synopsis of community input, survey responses, and best practices that will be provided to the City’s economic development policy consultant for analysis.

For more on the City of Austin’s Economic Development Program, visit their website.

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