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Ellie Kamouie: A Numbers Whiz Who Makes a Big Impact
Ellie Kamouie: A Numbers Whiz Who Makes a Big Impact
Feb 26, 2024 • Pamela Garcia

Joining any new company can be challenging, but starting in the middle of the fiscal year at a non-profit with ambitious goals? That’s a whole other level. Yet, Ellie Kamouie, BCL’s newest Accounting Specialist, took it all in stride, quickly proving herself to be an invaluable asset.

Ellie brought an extensive background with her, allowing her to jump right in during BCL’s busiest season. Her natural affinity for numbers and problem-solving shone through as she tackled unfamiliar tasks and mastered a new accounting software system – all while contributing to on-time year-end financials. As she excitedly explains, “I have always been good with numbers, and I love figuring things out, so I was able to learn quickly and help complete the year-end fiscal numbers on time.”

While her role might seem “behind the scenes,” Ellie recognizes how her work directly impacts BCL’s mission of empowering Texans through homeownership and entrepreneurship. “Although I don’t work directly with clients,” she says, “I can see how my work connects to the bigger picture.”

But beyond the impact, Ellie thrives on the supportive and collaborative environment at BCL. “I have learned so much,” she shares. “Everyone is patient, resourceful, transparent, open, and accessible. And communication is always very clear.” This nurturing atmosphere has allowed Ellie to flourish, contributing not only to her technical skills but also to her positive energy and collaborative spirit.

BCL is thrilled to have Ellie on board. Her dedication, quick learning, and team spirit make her a true asset to our organization. We’re excited to see her continue to grow and make a significant impact on BCL’s mission!

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