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Invest In Texans. Invest in Economic Development.
Invest In Texans. Invest in Economic Development.
May 21, 2021 • BCL of Texas

BCL of Texas is delighted to announce $5 million in new funding since the beginning of 2021. This funding is critical to our mission and allows us to work with families, individuals, and businesses across the state to Build Strong Communities and create opportunities for building wealth and financial stability.

Thank you to our investment partners for supporting BCL’s work, including:

  • Woodforest Bank, who provided $2 million for business lending
  • Opportunity Finance Network, for a $2 million grant through their Finance Justice Fund
  • Tolleson Wealth Management for supporting our Community Loan Center affordable small dollar loan program with a $750,000 investment
  • NeighborWorks America for a $250,000 investment match for our lending programs

A key part in creating economic opportunity is connecting customers to not only funding, but to resources. As a nonprofit economic development firm, BCL of Texas provides classes, financial empowerment coaching, homeownership pre-purchase and post-purchase counseling, technical assistance, and small business classes and coaching. We pair these education resources with access to capital for small businesses, consumer lending, and community development investments.

And as a community lender, we have the relationships with a diverse customer base across the state, including rural and smaller communities. We touch businesses of color, small enterprises, and first-time and low-to-moderate income home buyers.

Our staff take the time to customize and design our programs with our customers in mind. You can find us working with local chambers of commerce, on Univision’s Spanish-language news channel, working with interpreters to provide multi-language access, and even going door to door to reach our customers. We go where our customers are.

When you invest in organizations like BCL of Texas, you invest in economic development. You invest in opportunities. You invest in businesses, big and small. You invest in liveable wage jobs. You invest in future homeowners. You invest in Texans.

Join us in celebrating economic development and in thanking our funders for investing in BCL and in the future of Texas.

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