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#WeAreBCL: Jackie Jones
#WeAreBCL: Jackie Jones
Dec 6, 2023 • BCL of Texas

In 2016, Jackie Jones, a full-time loan officer, volunteered to present a down payment assistance program at a homeownership fair. Before her presentation, she worked the registration table, where she met and struck up a conversation with a lady named Raquel, who seemed very impressed with Jackie’s passion for educating people on down payment assistance and the homebuying process. A few months later, Jones felt God leading her to the nonprofit world. Through a mutual acquaintance, Jackie heard that BCL of Texas was searching for someone and ended up talking with someone named Raquel. She didn’t know much about BCL then, and she certainly didn’t realize that the lady she had that wonderful conversation with all that time ago was that Raquel, the COO of BCL!

So started her journey with BCL of Texas. Jackie is our Senior Project Specialist, and what she loves most about working with BCL is that she can provide our clients with actionable steps that lead to positive results. “I always tell my clients, ‘After today, you won’t be able to say that you don’t understand how to purchase a home or access funds to assist you because you will get the knowledge that you need.’” They are ready to act on what they have learned.

Jackie delights in being a resource before, during, and after the homebuying process. “At the beginning and during the homebuying process, it’s all about getting your keys,” she says. But the process doesn’t stop there. Once homebuyers get those keys, it’s time to focus on understanding everything they signed and what they need to do now. She’s there to answer those questions and provide that support. The “after purchase” support is sometimes the most needed. That proved to be the case during the recent pandemic. “I have so often wished that folks would have reached out to me the minute someone in the household lost their job.” She could have helped those in that situation devise a proactive plan to help. Those lucky enough to work with Jackie often said, “After speaking with you, I have peace of mind.”

What sets Jackie apart is that she is very passionate about what she believes in and, from an early age, identified her God-given talents of discernment and reaching people where they are. At the age of 12, she did public speaking, and that set her on a course that led her to where she could walk into a room not knowing anyone to leaving knowing everyone. She also prides herself on being a good listener, not being afraid to learn from everyone who walks her path, and having an empathetic, serving aptitude. These are qualities that she encourages in upcoming leaders who are interested in working in the nonprofit field.

BCL is proud to have Jackie on our team!

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