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Focus Fitness
Focus Fitness
David Schulze
Business Lending & Technical Assistance Austin, TX

Before you even have to do a single pushup, all you have to do is spend five minutes with Focus Fitness owner Dave Schulze and you’ll see why his customers seek out his personal and group training services. His inspiration is contagious, and for the owner of a small business, he definitely has a big vision for the future.

Focus Fitness opened its doors in March of this year. Within the first 3 months, Dave was already operating his business in the black, a solid accomplishment for any new venture. After several years of providing personal training at area gyms, he branched out on his own to open a facility that offers group training that’s affordable, accessible, and effective. Word of mouth spread quickly and his business was up and running shortly after securing the space.

Not afraid to take risks, he opted to follow his entrepreneurial passions not long after the birth of his son, and has to balance the responsibilities of being a new dad and new business owner at the same time. However, being his own boss allows him to set his own hours, and the support of his wife, who happens to be a marketing mastermind, also helps keep things manageable. Ultimately, as the business grows and membership increases, Focus Fitness will be able to take on new employees to assist with providing training services, lightening the load and creating economic outcomes in the community. If the growth trend continues, he’ll be able to hire his first employees shortly.

“My goal is to provide people with the tools they need to create positive change in their lives,” says Dave. “Ultimately they are the ones that have to do what it takes to make that happen, but if I can make it easier for them or help them stay focused, that’s the role I want to play.”

It doesn’t hurt that Dave is all-around inspiring guy, and always looks ahead. “I’d love to use the extra office space in the back to offer life coaching services, and in the future possibly add massage therapy as well,” says Dave. Spreading the message of a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle seems endemic to his personality, and it’s hard to imagine him doing anything else. At Focus Fitness, Dave Schulze seems to have figured out the secret to a life of health and happiness, and lucky for his customers, he’s ready to share it.

Where to Find Us
AUSTIN 1011 San Jacinto Blvd
Suite 500
Austin, TX 78701 P: 512.912.9884 F: 512.912.9869 NMLS #1114924
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