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tk tunches - Las Ofrendas
tk tunches - Las Ofrendas
tk tunches - Las Ofrendas
Creating Opportunities for Economically Marginalized Communities
Small Business Lending Austin, TX

Las Ofrendas is a social enterprise that features handmade multicultural accessories, stationery, and home goods designed or curated by owner tk tunchez. As a steadfast advocate and supporter of the LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and Latinx communities, tunchez is proud that Las Ofrendas creates beautiful pieces for everybody and every gender that allows everyone to express themselves unapologetically and authentically. Each piece is infused with love and positive energy and intended to support each person on their journey.

Along with Las Ofrendas, tunchez founded Frida Friday ATX (FFATX). FFATX is Austin’s premier women of color-centered monthly marketplace and cultural event. The monthly markets create opportunities for economically marginalized communities to share their projects, connect, and celebrate diverse cultures. FFATX is “focused on creating a space where women of color can come together and celebrate themselves, celebrate each other, and really form community.” But FFATX is more than a market; it is a movement for gender and economic justice. “We do this work to help bridge the wage gap that women of color disproportionately experience and because we believe our communities deserve to be seen and celebrated.” FFATX has contributed well over $200,000 to the local economy through their work.

How tunchez and BCL initially connected is a story for the ages. tunchez was hosting a large music festival for which the City of Austin was providing funding to produce the event. Unfortunately, though, the funds wouldn’t arrive in time. When tunchez realized that the timing of the funding coming in from the city would be after the very near date of the festival – literally one week until the festival – tunchez turned to social media in hopes of crowdsourcing temporary funding. Raquel Valdez, COO of BCL of Texas and a proponent of creative and small businesses, got wind of tunchez’s need and reached out to her with the offer of interim funding. “BCL stepped in during our moment of need,” said tunchez, “and through their support, we were able to execute our event.”

tunchez sings the praises of Raquel, calling her a lifesaver. “She’s so supportive. She understands what we need to do to scale our businesses. As Latinos, we didn’t grow up knowing how to run and grow a business. We are learning as we go. I am now working with BCL to secure a line of credit to grow, and I am grateful to Raquel for teaching us how to scale our business the right way.”

Because of her successful businesses and advocacy work, it is no surprise that tunchez was recognized as Austin Woman’s 2022 Woman’s Way Best Maker Award winner, which honors businesses built by female artisans who have reached a level of success that allows her to support other female artists.

For anyone considering taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur, tunchez offers this advice, “Don’t give up. If this is your dream, don’t give up. Give yourself time to get educated. I was and am an artist, and I wasn’t initially intending to grow a business. But growing my art into a business required me to ask for help and look for resources I didn’t even know I needed.”

Remember that BCL of Texas is here to help you realize your dream of starting your own business with classes, personalized coaching, and small business lending. Our Entrepreneurship Specialists will help you make sure you’re on the path to success.

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