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BCL of Texas Announces Leadership for 2020 Board of Directors
BCL of Texas  Announces Leadership for 2020 Board of Directors
Aug 31, 2020 • BCL of Texas

Business & Community Lenders (BCL) of Texas, a statewide nonprofit lender, is pleased to announce the appointment of three new members to its Board of Directors, including Dora Zapata of Dallas, TX, Melissa Chamrad of San Antonio, and Larry Dovalina of Cotulla, TX.

“Our 2020 Board of Directors represents a diverse group of professionals in economic and community development,” said Rosa Rios Valdez, CEO. “Not only are we a minority-led organization, but our Board of Directors are located across all corners the state of Texas, with experience in the fields of community development, banking, lending, asset building, and rural development.”

Dora Zapata, Vice President of Philanthropy, Wells Fargo Bank of Dallas

Dora Zapata is responsible for the Wells Fargo reinvestment efforts in North Texas, which includes community, economic development, philanthropy, community involvement, and local partnerships. She has worked with BCL of Texas for several major programs, including the Dallas NeighborhoodLIFT down payment assistance program and Univison’s Posible Entrepreneur Summit.

Ms. Zapata said, “The pandemic has brought to light even more the plight of entrepreneurs of color. There are so many resources, particularly federal resources, that our minority-owned businesses weren’t able to access for a variety of reasons. BCL of Texas stands in a position to help mitigate some of these challenges and get people some of the resources they really need to survive.”

Melissa Chamrad, Director of Accounting, Pearl Brewery

Melissa Chamrad brings a wealth of experience in real estate and thoughtful community development, with a combined 24 years of experience in the construction and real estate industry, including both commercial real estate and multi-family projects. She a member of the Urban Land Institute, CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women), and the San Antonio Real Estate Council.

Ms. Chamrad said, “The focus of BCL of Texas to provide community impact through various financial and civic programs in order to strengthen communities aligns with my core business values and made my consideration in becoming a board member to serve BCL of Texas an easy decision.”

Larry Dovalina, City Administrator, Cotulla, Texas

Larry Dovalina brings a deep understanding of the needs of persistent poverty rural communities and will help to grow BCL’s work in both South Texas, as well as rural areas across the state.

Mr. Dovalina currently serves as City Administrator for Cotulla, a persistent poverty town less than 50 miles from Laredo. During his tenure as City Administrator, Mr. Dovalina has seen the population and property tax revenue triple due to the Eagle Ford Shale. Prior to his term in Cotulla, he served as City Manager of Laredo, Texas.

“Of all the areas in the state of Texas that I’ve lived or worked, I think rural South Texas is the area that has the most needs of the entire state,” he said. “I realize that other areas also have needs, but the area where I think things are totally lacking is in rural South Texas. I see an opportunity for us to be able to reach out and grow BCL’s presence to help the community by bringing much-needed programs to support homeownership, wealth building, and small businesses.”

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