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Helping Stabilize Communities
Helping Stabilize Communities
Helping Stabilize Communities
Sep 29, 2023 • Merecia Smith

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on people’s health, well-being, employment, and housing stability. The Economic Policy Institute estimated that as of March 2021, 23.6 million workers, or nearly 15 percent of the workforce, were directly harmed by the coronavirus downturn.

The health and economic effects of the pandemic put people behind on their home expenses, such as mortgages, utilities, HOA fees, taxes, etc., and left them at risk of losing their homes. Barbara Rubles found herself in such a situation with being close to $5,000 delinquent on her mortgage. “I was several months behind on my mortgage. I didn’t know where to turn,” says Rubles, “One day, I looked at the back of my mortgage statement and saw a passage about mortgage assistance. I called the number and was referred to BCL of Texas.”

Rubles connected with Merecia Smith, BCL of Texas’ HomeOwnership Program Manager. Smith worked together with Rubles to apply for financial assistance through the Texas Homeownership Assistance Program. A few months after applying, Rubles was approved for assistance, and her mortgage delinquency was paid in full.

Rubles expressed how empathetic and professional Smith was during the entire process. “I can’t express my gratitude to BCL of Texas enough!” Rubles and Smith will continue to work together to ensure that Rubles stays on track with her budget.

BCL of Texas’ certified HUD-approved housing counselors have helped thousands of homeowners just like Ms. Rubles to help navigate their mortgage delinquency options. We are proud of our Mortgage Delinquency/Foreclosure Prevention program which includes customized counseling to the client’s specific circumstances and helps clients understand all their options available like a repayment plan, forbearance, loan modification, or what to do next if these options are not possible. The best advice is to get connected with our HUD-approved housing counselors and schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.

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