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The Whole Business Picture: Why Leo Pozzobon is an Invaluable Asset to BCL Clients
The Whole Business Picture: Why Leo Pozzobon is an Invaluable Asset to BCL Clients
Dec 21, 2023 • Pamela Garcia

Leo Pozzobon joined our team just over three months ago, and he’s been an indispensable asset ever since. Leo boasts a diverse background, having worked in numerous industries such as agribusiness, clean tech, engineering, and strategic planning. He even worked as a music DJ while in college! After he got married, he and his wife moved to the United States, and it was a race to see who would land a job first. His wife won; she got hired at Dell, and they settled in Austin.

Before joining BCL of Texas, Leo worked with a business incubator in Austin. He found the chance to work with BCL an opportunity to level up his vocation. Leo loves working with his clients at BCL because he gets to help real people with real businesses navigate through the hardships, growth, and successes they face.

Leo is unique in this field because he’s proficient in all aspects of business, and he understands how each facet of business affects the others. Business is a complex system, and Leo helps business owners see the bigger picture by connecting all the pieces. He provides technical advice on business finances, sales, marketing, and even personal finances to help business owners achieve their goals.

“If businesses are doing well and want to grow, I’m the right person to put their plan in shape,” says Leo, “If they aren’t doing well and need to figure out what’s happening, I’m the right person to help them understand where they’re at and help them out of their slump.”

We are so happy to have Leo on our team!

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